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“My mom always taught me to treat our customers like family and friends. We are dedicated to inspiring confidence in every customer we meet in-store or online - we want them to know their body is beautiful just the way it is.”
– Lori Bacon, CEO, Swimco

Swimco started in Calgary, with Corinne Forseth. It was then passed on from mother to daughter, Lori Bacon, son, Steve Forseth, and son-in-law, Dave Bacon, to continue the tradition of helping people feel good half naked.

Always based and operated in Canada, Swimco now reaches across the country with our online store. We love being able to inspire confidence for all Canadians!


Lori joined her school swim team halfway through the year and she couldn’t find a swimsuit that fit her body and matched the team.


When retail swimwear wasn’t cutting it for her kids, Corinne set out to curate a selection of swimwear with the perfect blend of fit and fashion. She started a mail-order business in the basement of her home in Calgary.


Swimco goes corporate and our founder decided to make her mark - ‘swim’ and Corinne together make Swimco.


Lori graduated from the University of Calgary and joined the family business. The Swimco brand began to grow from a mail-order company to a fashion swimwear retailer.

In 1982, Lori, Steve and Dave opened the first Swimco store in Calgary and went on to open two more in the city and expand into Vancouver.


Swimco continued to open new locations across Alberta and British Columbia, adding Kelowna and Victoria into the mix. Swimco Fit Experts in-store earned a reputation of providing incredible customer service and the customer base grew quickly.


Swimco added more stores, including a location in Red Deer, Alberta, growing into a company with 14 stores and over 150 employees.


In December 2011, Swimco bought Swimwear Etc; this move broadened the reach across two more provinces and nine more cities. The acquisition pushed the Swimco store count from 14 to 25 in one month! With this growth, Swimco became Western Canada’s leading swimwear provider.


Swimco launched an online store to take the Fit Expert experience digital and help more people feel good half naked.


As the body positivity movement progressed, Swimco decided it was time to make their voice heard. They went to work on their biggest challenge yet: redefining what it means to be a #swimsuitmodel. What makes a body beautiful isn’t how it looks, but how it lives. To Swimco, if you’re wearing a swimsuit you are a #swimsuitmodel

We want to redefine what it means to be a #swimsuitmodel

Being beautiful isn’t about having skinny arms or a perfectly toned tummy, it’s about celebrating the life your body lets you live. When you walk into a Swimco store, you see REAL models that look like the people around you - because being aspirational isn’t just about what happens on the surface, it’s also about what happens beneath it. Aspiration is about more than how someone looks, it’s about how they live. It's why we work with real people with real bodies who lead aspirational lives. They are the embodiment of what it means to be a #swimsuitmodel

Our Manifesto

This is our rallying cry. It’s what we turn to when we’re not sure what the way forward looks like. It reminds us of the bigger purpose of our work. It’s the paragraph that gives us goosebumps, reinvigorates our commitment and ensures that even if we lose our way, we find our way back.

What makes a body beautiful?

Is a body beautiful just because it’s thin? Or curvy, or sporty, or cut or voluptuous, or stacked, or lithe? Does a tan, or abs, or cleavage make a body beautiful? Does doing a million squats, or running a thousand miles make a body beautiful?

Maybe what makes a body beautiful is that it’s yours. That it’s where you live. Because of the life it lets you live. Maybe your body is beautiful because those are the arms that scoop up your children. Because those are fingers that hold the paintbrush, because those are the legs that walked you along the path. Maybe, what makes a body beautiful isn’t how it looks, but how it lives.

Our vision: Inspire people to feel good half naked.

That’s the endgame. Beaches, swimming pools and lakes all over the world filled with happy people feeling good half naked! No worries about how they look but rather feeling comfortable and enjoying the best times of their lives. We want every person to be able to put on a swimsuit and feel confident - feel like a #swimsuitmodel

Swimco in the community

Swimco is committed to doing our part to give back to our community. From supporting local school swim meets to raising funds to support men's and women’s health, the opportunity to help those around us is one of the most rewarding parts of our business.


We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to add to our ranks.

Fit Expert (noun)- An inspiring, kind and helpful store associate who will help you find your perfect fit. Swimco Fit Experts want everybody and every body to feel confident and rock your suit like the #swimsuitmodel you know you are.

Oh hey there, if you’re someone who’s motivated by helping inspire confidence in others, click here. Our team members receive loads of training, and career growth opportunities in a supportive, friendly, and exceptionally body positive environment.

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