Feel Good Half Naked

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Swimco is Canada’s leading swimwear store with over 150 brands of swimwear and beachwear for Women, Men and Kids. Shop one piece swimsuits, tankinis, bikinis, boardshorts, walk shorts, swim shorts, rash guards, fitness suits, dresses, cover ups and beach accessories.



What makes a body beautiful isn’t how it looks, but how it lives. It’s about the life it lets you lead. For us, a #swimsuitmodel is brave, full of joy, and aspirational because of their stories and adventures. You too… are a #swimsuitmodel.

Feel Good Half Naked

Confidence is your passport to getting the most out of the best moments in life!  Everyone deserves to feel delighted about their swimsuit shopping experience and to Feel Good Half Naked. Chat with one of our Fit Experts in-store or online to find your perfect fit!


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