How do I take care of my swimwear?

It is important to take care of your swimwear, because it is made out of such delicate fabric. Rinsing your suit in cold water or using regular washing detergents do not remove the chemicals of chlorine or salt water from your suit and will eventually start to break down the fabric of the suit. To help prolong the life of your suit and help the colors stay brighter, make sure to follow these helpful care instructions:

  • Always use swim suit cleaner to wash your suit after every swim in chlorine and salt water pools.
  • Always hand wash in cold water with half a cap full of the swim suit cleaner solution and let the suit sit for 5 minutes and then rinse and hang flat to dry.
  • Make sure to never put your swim suit in the washer or dryer and never in a spin dryer machine at the pool.
  • For bright colored suits, always make sure to pre wash them in the swim suit cleaner before wearing to set the colors.

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