Meet Our #SWIMSUITMODEL Team – Fall 2018

Aloha! It’s photoshoot time! This week we’ll be hitting the beach for our third #swimsuitmodel photoshoot with eight new people from across Canada, each with a beautiful, real body and a story to share. We are all on the same mission: to inspire confidence and to help everybody- and every body- feel like a #swimsuitmodel.


Meet Emily (@emilyrhiannon55)

This curvaceous beauty is dedicated to celebrating body positivity and fashion. Emily is a preschool teacher from Etobicoke, Ontario and a #swimsuitmodel.

“I want to inspire girls and women alike to believe in themselves. To understand that it’s not about what you look like, but how you FEEL in your body that makes you shine from the inside out.”

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Meet Steph (@stephanieang_)

This Vancouverite is all about fitness and fashion. Stephanie is an interior design student and #swimsuitmodel.

“Being a #swimsuitmodel is about being confident in your own skin. Anyone that can put on a swimsuit can be a swimsuit model!”

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Meet Tristan (@tristanluge)

From snow to sun, Tristan is from Calgary and a three time Canadian Olympian for Luge. This year he won a silver medal in Korea and became a #swimsuitmodel.

“I hope to inspire people to take risks and step outside their comfort zones.”

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Meet Chantal (@tillieandtrue)

Self-love and body image coach, this fearless babe from Winnipeg is dedicated to helping women make peace with their body. Now it’s time for her to hit the beach as a #swimsuitmodel.

“Being a #swimsuitmodel is redefining and rewriting the ideals of both beauty and health. It’s combating toxic messages in our society, celebrating diversity, empowering choice and educating our communities. It’s an outlet to provide the tools and skills to challenge negative body image and educate self-love!”

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Meet Bri (@bristein)

An amazing make-up artist and our bestie on set, Bri has been part of the Swimco family for years! She wrote a beautiful blog post about how our summer photoshoot inspired her to be confident in her body. Now this Kelowna girl is walking the talk as part as of our #swimsuitmodel team!

“What an amazing opportunity to learn about myself, push myself out of my comfort zone, push my abilities and see what happens! Swimco has given me SO much confidence, they’re the reason I said “YES”!”

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Meet Tori (@victoriahead_)

This girl has an electric smile and a heart for adventure. A newbie to Calgary, she is ready to inspire and be a #swimsuitmodel.

“A beautiful body takes all forms and needs to be nourished, loved, accepted and always on the move. The beautiful body is something to be proud of and good things will result.”

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Meet Blair (@blairjunior)

Could he be any cooler? This DJ and entrepreneur from Edmonton is ready to rock his #swimsuitmodel style.

“There is beauty in every BODY!”

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Meet Stephanie (@stephywray)

This cool #swimsuitmodel mom is passionate about sharing her recovery from addiction and showing how she’s living her best life.

“Every body is beautiful. Our bodies are amazing. They keep us alive, breathing, moving, thinking, and creating life. That is a beautiful thing!! I think every different body deserves to not only BE beautiful, but to feel beautiful.”

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