Beachside Chats: Maaji Designer Juliana Londono

Brilliant colours, prints and unique designs are all part of the Maaji brand DNA. Join us as we sit down with the brand’s designer, Juliana Londono (though she prefers Julieta or Julia!) and discover what fuels her inspiration.

Where do you live and work?
I am truly blessed to live and work in the most beautiful city on earth – Medellin, Colombia.

What inspires you?
I usually find inspiration in books, Instagram, blogs, magazines, movies, and trips. Our latest collection was born from my huge admiration for the work of Slim Aarons the photographer. I love the warm and tropical mood of his photographs. The situations, the nostalgia, the colours…

How do you start your day?
I can’t start my day without a family breakfast and a quick look at Instagram.

Staying creative:
I love to create. I love finding colour palettes everywhere. Like I mentioned, I find inspiration in everything – it’s like magic!

Favourite activities & food:
I’m officially a scrapbooker! I am kind of addicted to scissors, tape, colours, paints, markers, paper, and books. My life is a scrapbook. My other activities are going to movies and spending time with my family. I also love to try out new recipes too, and my favourites are desserts. I’m 100% a chocolate, ice cream, and cookies enthusiast.

Favourite travel destinations:
I love travelling, so every corner of the world is my favourite! I love the beach, the countryside, the mountains… it depends on the mood or what you’re looking for. I fell for Mexico on my last trip, such a colourful country. And I remember the beaches in Spain with so much love! There are so many paradises on earth.

Who do you imagine wearing your designs?
When I design, I always imagine myself on a beach in California, living that lifestyle and watching all the surfer girls living in endless summer.

Dream client:
I love the style of Alicia Vikander.

Advice for rocking your swimwear:
It’s kind of a cliché, but attitude will always enhance your outfit! And wear sunscreen of course.


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