When you feel confident in a swimsuit, you’re ready for any new adventure, whether it’s at an exotic beach or your local community pool. That feeling is key to getting the most from every moment, and that’s why we love working with people who really let that inner confidence shine through. It isn’t about age, cup sizes, height, or weight – it’s about feeling good half naked!

We’ve asked some of our ‘Real Models’ about what helps them feel confident, and why they love their Swimco swimwear. To start, we’re introducing Kristina, Brett, and Stephanie.

I feel good half naked when I am on the go! I don’t want my swimsuit to move around while I am, so a secure fit is important. As for confidence, for me it’s all about laughter and smiling. That’s when you can tell someone is happy inside and out.
I love modelling for Swimco because it makes me feel young! And I love being able to show my daughter that beauty transcends age, body type or size. When I’m not modelling for Swimco, I am working from home with my husband and taking care of my three wonderful kids.

For me, confidence in swimwear is all about the perfect fit. When I find that suit that fits right and feels great, that’s when I feel good half naked. I’m a fan of a shorter boardshorts, 18” hems are the latest trend!
I’m an outgoing person and am comfortable in my own skin, but I definitely continue to learn and explore to better myself. You can’t be afraid to fail, there’s always risk out there and when a risky move pays off, it fuels my confidence for sure. When I’m not modelling for Swimco, I’m working at the Swimco head office! I’m in the Operations department, and I’ve recently become the Culture Curator. The majority of my life revolves around swimwear and the water, so when I’m not working I love to be at the lake or somewhere I can surf in my favourite swimwear. My best memories have been in the sun in boardshorts surrounded by loved ones.

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I model for the Swimco website very frequently, and I love doing it! The team at Swimco is great to work with and you can tell everyone really strives to help people ‘feel good half naked’. My favourite swimwear is something that is functional and flattering to my figure, but also FUN (you’re on vacation after all)!
When I’m not modelling, I am usually busy at the University of Calgary where I am a research associate at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, or I’ll be doing something relaxing to unwind. I love yoga, spending time with friends, and curling up with a nice cup of tea to watch a movie.

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