Beachside Chats: Swimwear Designer Red Carter

For those who love swimwear, the name Red Carter is synonymous with vibrant prints, strappy styles, and sexy silhouettes. A celeb favourite (Beyoncé, the Kardashians, and Gigi Hadid are fans), Red’s signature always stands out on the sand. Read on to hear about his inspiration.

Where do you live?
New York City. My former homes were Miami Beach and Los Angeles… I love the coasts!!!!


Inspiration for this season’s collections:
This season I was inspired by the beauty and colors of Cuba. It’s full of electric earth tones and bold patterns. I love the idea of a hidden place and the opportunity to re-discover a culture.


Starting the day:
I like to start my day at the gym in the morning; I do a 30 minute cardio workout and some light weights. Then I take Henry and Spencer, my two dogs, for a brisk walk in the neighborhood park with a great cup of New York coffee.


Staying creative:
The best way for me to stay creative is travelling to exotic locations and being enveloped in the community’s culture. This could be by going to a flea market, listening to local music or attending concerts. Art museums and galleries are great too. Being a creative person means that you are staying in touch with culture and trends that are happening around you, whether that is social movements or the arts. My next trip is to Hawaii, and I plan to search through vintage stores and listen to local Hawaiian artists perform.


For designer favourites, I am a total Chanel and Hermès fan! Also, Gucci designs have been amazing recently. My preferences seem to change to the fashion designer that is taking a risk at the moment and making a statement. For activities, I love spending time at my lake house swimming and hiking. Getting back to nature is very important and taking yourself out of a big city setting really helps to inspire the soul.


I have a passion for adventurous food when I travel. I’ll go to a place that has been loved by the locals and try the bestselling thing on the menu. I have a few secret favorites (can’t tell you everything!). I also love organic, locally grown food.

Favourite travel destinations:
Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. Just start your day in a café with the best coffee, grab some baked goods, and begin people-watching or sketching! San Tropez is gorgeous too. Who wouldn’t love a high-end fishing village tucked away on a mountainside with a beach!!! For culture, there’s London. Cobble stone roads, history, and incredible street fashion everywhere. The theatre, the shops, the museums – wow! Lastly, Palm Springs is a modern 20th century desert paradise. The architecture and surroundings are incredible.


Your ‘muse’:
My muse changes season to season. Right now I am super into Celia Cruz. Her music, fashion sense, and that voice… As for the person wearing my designs, I imagine a very fashion-forward person who loves trends, but is not afraid to choose a very exotic style. I image that my customer is going away on a journey where there are sunsets, cocktails, and amazing music. I cannot believe that in my career I have been able to be a part of people’s holidays and adventures, in their family photos and part of their lives… it’s amazingly rewarding.


Dream client:
I dream of my work one day being in a Cindy Sherman photograph and dressing Gigi Hadid.

Advice for rocking your swimwear:
Always find the fit that makes you feel great; never settle for saggy bottoms or an ill-fitting top. Buying a swimsuit is one of the most intimate moments a person can have purchasing clothing, so buy what you love. Oh, and also, always buy a cover-up to help your entrance at the pool party go smoothly.


Favourite beach in the world:
In Maui, the Red Sand Beach near Hana. It’s a secret spot with a tiny beach and amazing waves. Bring a picnic and someone you love.


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Styles vary by location.