Swimsuit Myths

Summer weather has finally arrived, and this time of year, every magazine and blog is out there touting “rules of swimwear”. We at Swimco live and breathe swimwear all year long, so believe me when I say, sometimes these prescriptive fit tips and tricks are not gospel. You should have freedom, personal choice, and wear what makes you feel great! Follow the trends, or don’t – there are always options for every body and every style.

To start with, how do you find an amazing suit? My research often begins online, seeing what’s new and exciting in the world of fashion. This is a great time to narrow your choices, look at your favourite brands, and create a wish list. Feel like staying in? At Swimco, you can order your swimwear online fearlessly knowing that you can get help advice with a Fit Expert on Live Chat and that you have the option to return your items in store later or use our Easy Returns option.


One common concern I hear from my friends with larger bra sizes it that they can never find something fashionable bigger than a C cup. Believe me, that myth is busted (no pun intended).
A quick browse through the D Cup & Up section clearly shows that there are a variety of styles and designs that offer amazing support while still looking like a beach bombshell. Insider Tip: Styles that aren’t marked as D cup can occasionally still fit larger busts, be sure to snoop at the Size & Fit details curated by our Fit Experts for the full scoop.


Need help fitting a large bust? We have more tips here.

Myth number two really gets me. I constantly hear that people think you need to be a certain size or age to rock a bikini. Beauty comes in more than one shape, and a woman is about so much more than her looks or age. A few years ago we ran ‘A Bikini at Any Age’ and as you can clearly see, while none of the lovelies below look the same, they all radiate confidence and beauty! So toss out those magazines that tell you to cover up, and never say never to a bikini!


Last ‘myth’ for now – and it’s a fairly divisive one! Whether or not to wear makeup to the beach or pool. Yes, I know this has less to do with your actual swimwear and more with personal preference, but that’s precisely why it gets me. If you want to capitalize on your fun in the sun and go for full glamour, then why not? The latest campaign model for Seafolly, Gigi Hadid, shows that a bold cat eye and jewelry can look chic on the boardwalk. Go for whatever you love to enhance the beachy glow and amazing hair that spending time seaside gives you. Be sure to wear SPF too, a burn is never on trend.


As always, do what helps you feel comfortable, so you can really strut that swimsuit down the sand!

More Insider Tips on finding your perfect fit:

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