Making Waves With Way Of Gray

Our latest crush is Miss Sophie Gray, a self-love advocate and blogger from Edmonton. She shares amazing workouts on her site Way of Gray, plus super motivational tips and tricks on her insta @wayofgray. Sophie took an amazing trip to Aruba and brought along her favourite Swimco swimsuits (check out her personal feed if you missed her adventures on Snapchat).

Where did you visit?
The Ritz Carlton in Aruba. It was my first time ever going. I’d heard such wonderful things about the beautiful beaches with the clear water and white sand – it did not disappoint! And the waves were amazing.


What was the reason for your trip?
I was going to celebrate my boyfriend’s change in career. And of course, to relax! We don’t really party or drink, so it was a lot of lounging on the beach and reading books.

So you got to log a lot of time in your swimwear!
Yes, of course! I was glad to have brought so many. I love sporty designs that you can move in (they have me jumping for joy). My absolute favourite was a pink RipCurl colour block bikini. It’s the perfect sporty bikini and provides great support!


You post so many great swimwear and workout shots – have you always been this confident?
I can truly say that this has been the first time that I have been able to confidently wear (and dance in) a bikini, even though I look absolutely no different than I did 2 months ago, or even 2 years ago. Having a ‘bikini body’ isn’t a shape, it’s a mindset. Feeling comfortable enough to strut around in a bikini has nothing to do with how you look, and everything to do with how you feel about yourself. And having a great, supportive fit doesn’t hurt either!

SO TRUE! Aside from confidence-boosting bikinis, what are your packing essentials?
My aviators are a must! Comfy cover ups that are light, and of course workout clothes too.


What was the best moment of the trip?
We spent an entire day in the spa! I got a facial and a massage, then lounged in the sauna. It was great getting to walk around in a big white fluffy robe.


Any tips about where you stayed?
There is a place called Green Café really central to all of the hotels. It sells acai berry bowls and other healthy options! It’s also really affordable!


We never walked through the ‘old downtown’, so I’d try to do that next time. And definitely check out the part of the island called the Natural Bridge – it is a must see!



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