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Beachside Chats: Swimwear Designer Rod Beattie

With over 20 years’ experience, Rod Beattie is one of the top swimsuit designers in America, and has helmed well-known brands such as La Blanca and Anne Cole Collection. In 2010, Beattie launched his own line: Bleu Rod Beattie. His silhouettes are chic and sophisticated while remaining wearable for a wide variety of body types. […]

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Colombia Trip with Marlee & Maaji – Swimco’s Globetrotters

Marlee, from the Swimco buying team, visited Colombia – home of one of our favourite artistic brands Maaji! You were invited to Colombia by Maaji? Actually, the Chamber of Commerce in Colombia invited North American buyers to attend shows there. Colombia has a huge swim market, so I saw some new lines. The Maaji team […]

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