Josie & Ian’s Indian Ocean Retreat Pt. 2 – Swimco’s Globetrotters

Part two of Pure Souls Media’s trip – Norfolk Island! Missed part one? Read it here!


How did you end up on Norfolk Island?
We were invited to visit for work, creating promotional photos and film for Tintoela, a local luxury accommodation. How could we pass that up! Norfolk is tiny, about 5km by 8km, and located about 1400km off the coast of Australia. It’s not the usual North American’s vacation destination, which makes it all the more interesting.


How long were you there and did you have time to see everything?
We went for 11 days. Norfolk Island surprisingly has lots of roads, making it easy to explore, but we still didn’t see the whole island. It has so much to offer, but you don’t feel stressed to see the whole island at once. You slide right into the local’s way of life.


Describe a great first day on Norfolk.
As soon as you arrive, just sit down and admire. This island is a subtropical paradise with temperatures in the mid 20s, sunny skies, and clear blue waters.


The first place I would head to after dropping my bags off is Emily Bay for a dip. Emily is postcard perfect! It has a reef protecting it, white sand, and a lone Norfolk pine on the point. After swimming, I would grab fish and chips (the best ever!) made from fresh local trumpeter. Then, finish the day at Anson point to watch the sun drop lazily into the ocean.


Even while working, it sounds like you had a relaxing time!
We felt really adventurous too! It’s so remote – only five flights a week to the island, and otherwise you’re out in the middle of a giant ocean with just 1800 other people. Plus, while English is one local language, they also speak Norfolk. It’s a mix of 18th century English and Tahitian.


We loved working here, the pristine hills dotted with cows and farms made it feel like we went back in time! There is so much variety on Norfolk. Our work took us all over the island, from hiking down cliffs to remote tide pools, to climbing mountains for vast views.


You mentioned Emily Bay too, so you also got some beach time!
Oh yes, definitely. It was easy to get sun in Norfolk because the temperature was always perfect. We made it a point to swim as much as possible! We even went to the beach after checking in for our flight – that’s something you can’t do anywhere else. I think this captures the spirit of the island perfectly.


What was your favourite moment on Norfolk Island?
Waking up with the sun shining, a gentle breeze blowing through our window, and the fresh air on our face. We thought we had died and gone to heaven because the gardens are full of passion fruit, avocados and bananas, the drinking water falls from the sky (captured on the roofs) and there are no dangerous animals on the island.


All in all, the Pure Souls team had an amazing adventure. Want to read about part one on Bali? Read it here!

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