Sustainable Health & Wellness – Fitness Tips

We’re well on our way into 2016, and the start of a new year is a powerful motivator to look ahead to where the next 365 days will take you. Your wellness journey can begin anywhere, whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or just increase your overall well-being. When I first meet clients, or speak with friends about fitness and health goals, there are always three things I try to keep in mind. These things help make each step in your journey clearer, and therefore, more achievable.

1. Get ready to LEARN & WORK
Educate yourself on healthy eating, exercise benefits and have the determination to succeed. Changing only one aspect of your life won’t yield results. It’s time to learn HOW and WHY good balance of activity levels and nutrition will help you be successful. It will take determination and work, but also incorporating smart, educated decisions on food choices, activities and understanding the WHY behind something is just as important as putting in the time. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting into the cycle of ‘dieting’ or extreme workouts, which isn’t sustainable and won’t give you long term results. When you learn to manage balance for your lifestyle, you are more likely to succeed. That’s why education is the cornerstone of my fitness practice. Educating yourself will help you make better decisions when preparing your own food, eating out and travelling.


2. Your NEW NORMAL (A Sustainable Lifestyle)
The most important part of a wellness program is sustainability. When you plan, be realistic and take small steps if needed. Overambitious goals can be exciting at the beginning, but when they don’t fit into your lifestyle as much as you thought, it’s easy to become discouraged. You need to have a long view for lasting results. Activity and nutrition that you can make a normal part of your day will really change your health long term. Start small, and don’t think work outs need to be 1-2 hours a day or that you need to avoid carbs and delicious food. It’s all about putting good stuff in your body (keeping things in moderation), being active regularly, and HAVING FUN!


3. Start at GROUND ZERO
Lastly, your body needs balance to be healthy, so first you need a stable base (what I call “ground zero”) to build on. Look at yourself as a WHOLE. That means including anything that is plaguing you, from digestion issues to adrenal issues (stress), or food allergies. These must be addressed to enable proper eating and activity to give you the full benefits! When you take into account all aspects of your wellness, you’ll have a strong foundation to start achieving your goals. I recommend visiting your naturopath, nutritionist (not a dietician) or a doctor to discuss to start your healthy journey. Even with a regular activity and healthy eating, I see many clients that are still plagued with deeper issues that need to be resolved. If you skip this you will continue to struggle. This is about healthy wellbeing after all.


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