Katie’s Jamaican Jaunt – Swimco’s Globetrotters

Merchandise Manager, Katie, went to Montego Bay to celebrate her brother’s wedding. Read on for details on her fun-filled family trip to Jamaica!

Was this your first time going to Jamaica?

I’ve been to Jamaica before, but to a different resort. It’s a great destination for a tropical vacation. Resort travel there is easy to, if you are looking for a trip with minimal planning. When you arrive, lots of adventure options are presented to you, or you can just enjoy the sun and sand.

That’s nice that your brother chose one of your favourite spots for his wedding!

Actually, my husband, Colin, and I totally talked my brother and now sister-in-law into having their wedding there! After we got engaged, we spent a week in Jamaica and loved it. The beautiful weather, great beaches and good food make for an amazing trip. When they mentioned they were thinking about a destination wedding, we convinced them Jamaica would be the perfect place.


Well the photos are beautiful; you obviously spent a lot of time relaxing with family.

Looking after our one year old doesn’t really fall under the relaxing category, but it was wonderful to spend a week together with family and friends. I’d say the trip was a mix of wedding party time, and parenting time.


Did you get to swim and spend time in the sun?

We swam in the ocean and in the pool every day. Owen, our son, loves the water and the sand. Although this wasn’t his first time in the ocean, or on the beach, it was his first time being there when he was able to walk on his own. It was very cute to see him explore! I didn’t get to lie in the sun as much as I normally would on vacation, but I supposed that’s better for my skin anyway!


Knowing you, I bet you packed a ton of new swimsuits for the trip!

Of course I picked up a few new suits for the occasion, but my absolute favorite was a Seafolly Kasbah high neck top & hipster bottom. I also love Maaji & Body Glove suits too. The running joke was that I had a new swimsuit for every day. I figure in our industry, that makes perfect sense!


Any other packing essentials?

My black romper, Sun Bum sunscreen, and UV sun shirts for Owen.

What was the best moment of the trip?

The wedding of course! It was such a beautiful day. I’m very happy for my brother and sister-in-law. We were honored that my family got to participate in the wedding. Owen was the ring bearer, Colin was the MC, and I gave a pre-dinner toast. We had a great day celebrating the newlyweds, eating, drinking, and dancing.



Since you went for a wedding this time, where will you check out next time you’re in Jamaica?

I’d like to go to Negril next time we head back, and also find a local jerk chicken restaurant.

Any other memories you’d like to share?

My cousin is a barber and gave Owen his first haircut poolside! I failed to capture this with a picture – I was too busy holding him down! But I did get some shots after of him looking very handsome with his new ‘do.


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