Raquel’s Waikiki Wanders – Swimco’s Globetrotters

It seems as though everyone in the Swimco office has been escaping to warm destinations this past year! Our Digital Coordinator/Marketing Assistant, Raquel, made her way to Waikiki Beach for a girls’ getaway.

What was the reason for your trip?
My friend managed to get her hands on some discounted tickets to Honolulu, and I was lucky enough to be invited along.


Have you ever been to Hawaii?
No, but I have had relatives tell me about Maui, so I assumed Oahu would be similar. I was definitely wrong!


Why do you say that?
Honolulu was so busy, and Waikiki especially. I was expecting lush, secluded tranquility and it was actually more of a bustling city vibe.


What was on your ‘must see’ list as a first time visitor?
Waikiki Beach for sure, it’s so famous, and we stayed just a couple blocks away. I also wanted to snorkel in Hanauma Bay, hike up Diamond Head, and try Spam musubi! It’s like Spam sushi. It’s a popular local dish that shows the mix of American and Asian culture in Hawaii.
And how was the Spam?
It is worth trying, but VERY salty.


Aside from enjoying local cuisine, what other activities did you try?
To be honest, it was a very lazy trip! Spending time on the beach and enjoying the sun was my main goal. Being a swimwear-addict, I had a ton of swimsuits I wanted to spend time in.


Which was your favourite swimsuit?
That’s tough, but I love my Maaji suits. And my high neck Seafolly tankini (I love the high neck trend!) was perfect for water sports and snorkelling, while still looking fashionable.


So you did get to snorkel?
Yes! We took a bus to Hanauma Bay and spent the day in the waves. That was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. The water was amazing and there are SO many fish. We each brought our own snorkels and masks too, which I really recommend. It’s nice to have your own gear. Next time we are bringing beach shoes, since my friend and I both cut our feet on some coral that day.


Any other packing recommendations?
Definitely a big beach bag! I like bringing my whole life down to the beach so I can spend the entire day there. I also ALWAYS bring my Billabong hat on trips. It is perfect for in the sun and for hiding under in the airport. The other must have, aside from endless bikinis, would be sunscreen! If you are snorkelling or even just swimming around wildlife, bring a water resistant and reef-friendly formula like Aloe Up to protect the natural environment while saving your skin.


Any tips/tricks for people who want to visit?
Research the island and area before going because each has such a distinct personality. Also, in Honolulu the bus system is simple, so you can save some serious money on cabs. Lastly, the absolute best meal of my trip was from a food truck in the Pau Hana Market. It’s a little food truck meeting spot. I had life-changing shaved ice there as well!


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