Swimco’s 2015 Vancouver Photo Shoot – A Swimco Insider Look Behind the Scenes

While autumn is beautiful, it’s always hard to say goodbye to our gorgeous Canadian summers. This past June, the Swimco team visited Vancouver for a photo shoot. I love looking back at the pictures to relive our summer adventures! Josie and Ian from Pure Souls Media were our photography team, along with their assistant Darrel. For video and behind the scenes shots, Kyle from Capture Passion was on board. Be sure to see his work in our behind the scenes video.

The three-day whirlwind started with a VERY early morning at Kitsilano Pool. This popular outdoor spot has amazing views of the sunrise, so the 4am wake up was worth it!


In the afternoon we moved to Kitsilano Beach. Even in the hot weather (nearly 30 degrees all day), the team was up for anything – paddleboarding, jogging, and even yoga in the adjoining park.


The second day began by catching a boat rental at Granville Island. We took a cruise around the city to capture Vancouver’s wonderful skyline.


When zipping around on the water, the models ended up pretty tousled, so we had hair and makeup set up in the boat for touch-ups (and for warming up). Clouds had moved in by mid-morning, and we even had a bit of drizzle. Not sure why we were surprised – this is Vancouver after all! But thankfully our wonderful models powered through, even without ideal bikini weather.


The cooler conditions meant we didn’t have blue skies, but the scenery was still great. Some of the teams’ favourite moments were cruising under Lions Gate Bridge and by the downtown harbour.


The last day of shooting was bright and sunny again, and the Swimco crew left the city to capture images of lake life at Deep Cove. This small community has water sports, boating, and a great dock to jump off – it couldn’t be more Canadian!


Our photographers weren’t the only ones snapping pictures at Deep Cove, with our models and Social Media Coordinator, Lauryn, taking time to capture moments on their phones. For more behind the scenes, keep up with Swimco (and Lauryn!) on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.


The marketing team jumped in to lend a hand throughout the day, holding lighting equipment and screens. Yes, we love swimwear so much that we even work in it! That afternoon, everyone set out in canoes to follow the models as they paddleboarded and enjoyed the water.


The pictures from the trip really highlight the beauty of our Canadian summers. Thank you to everyone who made it real: Laura, Lauryn, Brett, Josie, Ian, Darrel, Kyle, the Nae Do hair and makeup team, and our fantastic models!

Want to see more? Check out our Vancouver Shoot Behind The Scenes video.


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