Streamline your suitcase

When gearing up for a vacation adventure, I always try to streamline my suitcase by packing styles that pull double duty. This not only keeps things light, but you get real value from each of your pieces! This same goes for the fellas in my life (two sons and my husband, Dave). After packing for a family for years, you learn to spot the wardrobe heavy-hitters.

For guys, hybrid boardshorts offer great versatility. Each brand has their own name for it, but essentially a hybrid is a short that is styled for wearing on land and also designed for use in the water. Just what you’d want on vacation when you can be surfing one minute and golfing the next.


Ladies options are just as adaptable, with cover ups coming in an array of fabrics and modern fits. Easy grab-and-go beachwear has never looked this fashionable, so you’re free to head straight from the sand to town, or into the resort.


Another challenge I often faced when travelling is finding pieces that work not only for day, but for evening activities as well. Resorts and cruises often have some dress codes for dining, but packing an entire semi-formal wardrobe can be cumbersome. Enter the men’s hybrids again! These Hurley Boardwalk Shorts have details like a pair of khakis, and pair easily with any light, breathable button-up shirt for a dinner out.


In the evening, I like to enjoy a drink and get a little dressier too. Many tankinis in my collection fit me so well, I really don’t want to take them off – and you don’t have to! For a ‘no-shower-cocktail-hour’ look, keep on the tankini, then simply slip a sarong, skirt, or beach pants over your swim bottoms. Top off with your favourite jewelry for an excellent outfit. One of our best sellers, the Rita Tankini (also comes in black), is supremely slimming and very sexy. The ruffles flatter your figure and give the same effect of a flowing blouse.


Streamline your suitcase (and your budget!) with duds that are ready for any adventure – just like you. Multi-tasker? Multi-perfect!

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Styles vary by location.