Laura’s Honeymoon in Thailand – Swimco’s Globetrotters

Our Marketing/E-Commerce Director, Laura, had a dream honeymoon this fall when she and her husband, Matt, set off for Thailand!

What was the reason for your trip?
We have always wanted to travel around Thailand, so we decided for our honeymoon we were going to make our dreams a reality!


What was on your ‘must see’ list as a first time visitor?
The Andaman Sea in the south, specifically the Phang Nga Bay or Krabi Province. The bay has those iconic rocks rising out of the sea, which looks incredible.

You travelled to more areas too?
Oh yes! We started in Phuket and stayed at a private beach. It was nice and quiet – great for getting over jetlag. The nearby Patong beach is a popular tourist spot, so it was pretty loud, but still worth seeing.


So you wouldn’t stay in Patong?
Patong beach is very busy and gives you the ‘crazy’ Thailand that most people expect. It depends on what you want to experience! Shopping, night life, restaurants, boxing, beaches, it’s all there. For that, Bangkok is amazing too! I’d recommend staying at least 2-3 days there to see everything.

What if you just want to get away from it all?
In Krabi Province we found the secluded retreats we were seeking. Once there, we went to Ao Nang Beach. It was one of our favourite spots because it had great selections of restaurants and hotels but was still so peaceful. I highly recommend renting a long tail boat to explore all the nearby islands. We loved it so much that we extended our stay to 5 days for this spot.


Being a Swimco staffer, I’m sure you logged plenty of hours in the sea and sun.
Definitely – we lived in our swimsuits! I brought my favourite Seafolly bikinis and tons of cover ups. It’s very hot, so flowy and breathable is best. I really liked being able to pull on my Billabong shorts, light dresses, or even my romper and having an easy, cute outfit.


Any other packing essentials?
Some things I didn’t bring, which both Matt & I needed, were long sleeve shirts and pants. Men and women need to cover their shoulders and down to their ankles when entering temples or sacred Buddhist areas. Make sure they’re lightweight or you’ll cook!

What was the best moment of the trip?
After Ao Nang beach, we went to Ko Yao Noi, one of the more untouched islands. We had our own private villa and beach on the Andaman Sea. It was so gorgeous we didn’t want to leave.


Any tips/tricks for people who want to visit?
Firstly, Thailand is an amazing place for all types of visitors – it’s not just for backpackers! I’d recommend staying in 4 or 5 star hotels, and don’t book your travel too far in advance. I felt extremely safe getting around, so it’s easy to be flexible and plan as you go. Plus, then you can stay longer when you fall in love with a place, like we did. Also, try somewhere off the beaten path – like Ko Yao Noi. It was much lower in price than other islands (our villa with a pool was about a quarter of the cost).


Any places or things you didn’t get a chance to see and do that you would put on your list for the next visit?
The city of Chiang Mai would be on my list. It’s full of historical sites and more low-key than Bangkok. I would also want to stay on Ko Samui (great coral reefs), and visit an elephant sanctuary.


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