Joanne’s Greek Island Adventure – Swimco’s Globetrotters

We love going on adventures, but it’s almost as fun to hear about the wonderful experiences of our friends. Lovely Swimco staffer, Joanne, has just returned from a fantastic trip to Greece. The blue water, beautiful scenery – we’re starting to feel some serious wanderlust.

What was the reason for your trip?
Jared and I went to Greece for our 25th anniversary.


Wow, congrats! Where exactly in Greece did you stay, and for how long?
We went to Mykonos, Santorini and Athens for two weeks.


Which was your favourite place to stay?
Santorini. The people, the food (Greek salad!), and the sunsets were all amazing.


The water looks great in your pictures; did you get to hit the beach?
Yes! It was so hot every day, 35 degrees or hotter!!! We definitely were in the water.


Good thing you have oodles of swimsuits! What did you pack?
I had 3 Seafolly suits and a Miraclesuit with me for swimwear. Then for poolside, I brought 4 cover ups and 2 pairs of sandals. Oh, and sunscreen! We had to use lots of sunscreen every day before leaving our villa! The hot temperatures were hard to take some days but we did avoid sunburns.


Aside from spending time with your hubby, what was your favourite part of the trip?
The best part was immersing ourselves in the culture. And of course the sunsets! They are like no other you have ever seen in your life. It is the most awesome experience having a glass of wine on a little terrace restaurant on cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


Any tips/tricks for people who want to visit?
We rented a car on Santorini for a week, and I think that was key to be able to see so many sights. It would cost a fortune to cab everywhere. Some people rented four-wheel quads to dart around, but it looked dangerous to me. Also, with the heat, it didn’t sound too appealing.


What would you recommend to a friend visiting, something they cannot miss?
A must-see is Red Beach, and the little cliff side towns of Oia and Fira.


OK, we are officially jealous. Did you want to go back?
Absolutely – we will definitely be going back one day

Back to the same islands…?
Yes. We saw so much but there just isn’t time to see everything. Also, I would love to go to Paros, Milos and Naxos next time.


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