The importance of having two swimsuits

Planning a weekend away at the lake? Flying off to a tropical destination this summer? The next time you begin to pack your bags for a vacation on the water, remember to bring more than one swimsuit!

We always suggest having more than one option for swimwear because, well, we love swimsuits! Who doesn’t like the idea of changing their look with ease, or swapping a bikini for a one piece to suit your mood or activities that day? You also never know if you might damage or misplace your swimwear as well.

If mixing and matching is your thing, consider bringing a few pieces and then really getting creative with combinations!


Another reason to pack two (or several) swimsuits is that putting on a wet bathing suit is probably the least appealing part of a beach vacation. Let the wet one dry out while you slip into a fresh swimsuit for another dip! Rotating between your favourite swimwear has a secondary benefit – each piece won’t become worn out as quickly. Hot tubs, chlorine pools and even salt water from the ocean wear away at the fabrics in all swimwear, so giving them a breather time to time helps prolong the life of your favourite bikini, tankini or one piece.

Only have one swimsuit so far? You’re in luck – Swimco’s Summer Sale is on now, and with select styles at up to 50% OFF, it’s the perfect time to stock up. Better pick up another suitcase too…

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