Model Interviews – Jailyn

As we’ve been celebrating Swimco’s 40th birthday this month, I wanted to thank the wonderful models who have helped us create beautiful images, and made our Mexico photo shoot an amazing experience! They’ve been lovely enough to give us a Swimco Insider look into their work, style, and some tips/tricks to Feeling Good Half Naked.

To start us off, here is the gorgeous Jailyn, who is a ray of sunshine personified!

  • Name: Jailyn Matthews
  • Height: 5’9”
  • Dress size: 6
  • Hometown: Topanga Canyon, California
  • How did you get your start in modelling?
    Though a modeling school in San Diego! They went out of business and sent my pictures to a tiny start-up agency called Jet Set. Then I was on my way!
  • 3 words that describe you?
    Athletic, loyal, and silly.
  • What’s your favourite thing about modelling?
    Two things really, traveling to places I would never get a chance to see otherwise, and connecting with new people!
  • What makes you feel confident?
    When I am healthy and doing something requiring physical strength.
  • How would you describe your style?
    Surf hippie.
  • Best beauty/workout tip?
    Water, water, water!!! DRINK LOTS OF WATER! First thing in the morning, warm water with lemon. Gets the digestive system going with a nice alkaline wake-up!
  • Favourite warm-weather getaway?
    Mexico!!! Really love the Hautulco area…
  • Three beach must-haves?
    Water, SPF lip balm, volleyball court.
  • Favourite adventure you’ve had in a swimsuit?
    Oh so many… Most of my adventures involve swimsuits! A trip to Nicaragua surfing points and reefs, with a killer beach break right out front of the casa, does stand out as pretty extraordinary!
  • Go-to swimsuit style?
    I really change it up. I have some vintage suits that were my grandmother’s and a sexy 70’s one piece, that I like on some occasions. But mostly I like a suit that will handle activities like volleyball and surfing. And not too many lines, because I tan in seconds!!! Lately I’ve wanted a nice one piece that is classy AND sporty…
  • Favourite swimwear trend for this season?
    The new beach active wear is pretty dope! And just the variety factor! So many choices, there is sure to be something for everyone!!!

Thanks again Swimco! I had such an incredible time working with you guys! Happy 40th!!!
XO Jailyn Matthews

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