Model Interviews – Caroline

Our next Swimco Insider look is at the southern-sweetheart, Caroline!

  • Name: Caroline Seymour
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Dress Size: 4
  • Hometown: The Woodlands, Texas
  • How did you get your start in modelling?
    I sent in snapshots to different agencies and one finally said yes (years later!). I started full time in 2011.


  • 3 words that describe you?
    Determined, competitive, sweet.
  • What’s your favourite thing about modelling?
    Traveling to beautiful locations and meeting new people.
  • What makes you feel confident?
    Eating clean and working out when I get the chance.
  • How would you describe your style?
    Classic, think JCrew/Madewell.
  • Best beauty/workout tip?
    For beauty…less is more and blend well! When working out, make it fun and change it up to throw your body off!


  • Favourite warm-weather getaway?
    Anywhere with blue ocean water! The Caribbean and Gulf are my favourites because they are so close!
  • Three beach must-haves?
    Hat, sunglasses, water.
  • Favourite adventure you’ve had in a swimsuit?
    Sailing to Anguilla from St Maarten. It was an all day trip that included great food, company, sunbathing, and the most beautiful waters I’ve ever seen.
  • Go-to swimsuit style?
    Comfortable, bright color bikinis.
  • Favourite swimwear trend for this season?
    I’ve always loved the bold, bright florals!


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