Feel Your Best This Summer – Fitness Tips

The number one tip for feeling great and healthy is to have a fitness routine. Half the battle is starting, but once something is a habit, you are more likely to show up and get results.

It’s human nature to want to do less, to create an excuse, but to be successful at anything you need to create habits that stick. When I am interested in something, I research people who are seeing success and implement their daily habits one at a time until I have created a solid foundation. This ensures consistency, and consistency breeds results.

Over the years helping busy individuals create a healthy lifestyle, I have noticed the following trend in their habits, which are great tips for starting and maintaining a fitness regime this summer.

1. They schedule workout time with friends so it can double as social time. The added bonus of doing this is you have built-in accountability, friends who enjoy an active lifestyle, and a support group for your goals.

2. Set reminders in your calendar. Be sure to set a couple reminders to alert you prior to your scheduled appointment. This ensures no matter what happens you will make it to your workout on time. Treat the workout as a non-negotiable in your life.

3. Find an activity that you like. The likelihood that you will continue to do something you dislike is pretty low. Why not choose something you enjoy? Weights, yoga, group session, bike ride, hike – the choice is yours.

4. Hire a coach. To get the best possible results try an individualized program that ensures you are working towards your goals. The motivation, accountability, and knowledge of an experienced coach will ensure you are making long-term progress. Progress keeps motivation high, win-win.

The key to this is not jumping all in all at once. Choose one habit a month for the next 4 months and focus everyday on being consistent and mastering it before moving on to the next one.

Do less and achieve more? Strange, I know…

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