Fit Series – Flattering a Fuller Figure

Curvy bathing beauties, time to flaunt what you got!

Beauty comes in more than one size or shape, and a woman is about so much more than her looks or dress size. Being healthy in all forms and loving yourself are what counts – especially when you’re enjoying the best times of your life on the beach, in a pool and under the sun. If finding great fuller figure swimwear seems intimidating to you, please read on! Getting a great fit for your next adventure is what we love to help our customers with. I’m convinced that there’s a flattering swimwear style out there for every body, so let’s dive in.


It is very common for women to be a different size on top and bottom, so don’t be afraid to mix it up. If you are on the busty side, you can pair a bra sized bikini or tankini top with a bottom such as a skirted bottom that adds some volume to your lower half and gives additional coverage. A bit more bottom heavy? Create balance with your upper half with a layered tankini, and slimming adjustable bottoms.


Just like in the Tummy Tamers post, I find that a well-structured swimsuit can seriously enhance a waistline. Look for one pieces or tankinis with built-in tummy control and extra Lycra if you are going for an hourglass shape. These styles shouldn’t hide your natural physique, but rather they will do your curves proud! Look for styles with side or front ruching if you want an effect that smoothes out your shape and creates a minimizing result.


Feeling confident in your swimsuit is all about enhancing your best features, so use colour and patterns to your advantage! Whittle your waist with contrasting panels on your sides. Strategic blocks of dark and light colour can work wonders on a tummy. One piece swimwear that has an ‘ombré’ look (with a dark to light gradient) has a lengthening effect, perfect for elongating your frame for a visually taller silhouette. This effect can also be achieved with a dark solid pair of bikini bottoms and a patterned, bright tankini or bikini.


If you prefer additional coverage, boardshorts with stretch material are an excellent choice for hitting the waves. One of our customer favourites is the Seafolly Barracuda Boardshort. These shorts have become a best-seller thanks to their great fit and are available up to an XXL.


Once you’ve found a great fit that suits your swim style, you’re ready for the sun and water. Hopefully our Fit Series has helped you find swimwear that allows you to Feel Good Half Naked.

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Styles vary by location.