Swimco’s Campaign 2015 Photo Shoot – An Exclusive Swimco Insider Look Behind the Scenes in Mexico

Going to Mexico for a week of work is one of the best things going. While you may have been doing laundry, formatting excel documents, or shoveling snow, a dozen of us were working really hard… On the beach… Sorry.

Sure, we all worked exceptionally hard and there were moments of exhaustion, but I know how fortunate we were to go. The beach was one thing, but the hard-working team that brought it all to life was what took it from excellent to exceptional!

Swimco was fortunate to have YouTube sensation Nikkie, from nikkietutorials.com, fly from Holland to do amazing makeup on the models! Be sure to check out Nikkie’s Swimco makeup tutorial to get a sun kissed glow. Our models flew from Virginia, California, Texas and Calgary. They were great to work with, and truly wonderful people.

We also had fashion photographer Jessica Pechet, and a huge support team of videographers, grips, and stylists. I will be forever thankful for everyone who joined us because they worked hard, brought Swimco-worthy-smiles and helped us portray our mission: Feel Good Half Naked!

No matter where we went, we seemed to draw attention. La Saladita locals were keen to help and the local beach dogs loved to follow us around. From a tiny Chihuahua named Lucas, to Tim, the Vancouverite on a surf vacation, everyone seemed to feel the love of the Swimco photo shoot! One afternoon as we were shooting, Lori and Steve hand-delivered delicious guacamole, chips and salsa to the team! It’s not every day that your boss delivers food to you, but at Swimco, we all pitch in to get the job done.

It wasn’t all fun and games though – teams were awake at 4:30am every day to be ready for the stunning early sunlight. Also, working in the morning is cooler and more relaxing than the mid-day heat, which was harsh for us Canadians. Mexican siesta, eh? Good idea señor!

A highlight of the week was shooting images for Swimco’s upcoming 40th anniversary which is in May 2015. We celebrated early with balloons, streamers, Swimco bubble letters, and a cake.
Thank you to everyone for making it real: Lori, Steve, Nicole, Samantha, Brett, Lauryn, Jessica, Nikkie, Laura, Juan, Lilliana, Jailyn, Sean, Caroline, Brittany, Twyla and Kyle!

See the team in our Facebook Behind the Scenes gallery.

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