Airline Travel With Kids: Tips and Tricks

Travelling with young kids can be challenging but not if you are prepared! At Swimco, we have several moms who have pooled their knowledge for you – hopefully these tips help on your next holiday flight.

  • Pick a flight time that will suit their nap schedule
    Pack their favorite blankies and comfort items that they usually use to sleep, or even bring their car seat into the plane.
  • Snacks
    Sometimes, in the face of a tantrum, ideals go out the window. It’s ok to bribe kids with a treat but avoid sugary snacks as these will make them want to bounce around, making your job all the more difficult.
  • Arrange your seats
    If you were unable to get the seat assignments you wanted, speak with the gate agent after you pass through security. They are usually very accommodating for families with children (especially if you followed our previous post’s suggestion to be polite). If your kids are under 15, aim to avoid the emergency exit row. Minors likely cannot sit there and your family might find itself spread around the plane if you don’t request otherwise.
  • Toys
    Bring travel games and hand held entertainment devices with kid sized earphones (remember to charge them fully before you go).. Bring the toys out one at a time in order to spread out the novelty and keep them from getting bored.
  • Takeoff and landing
    Young kids and babies cannot clear their ears during takeoff and landing (unless they’re asleep – you lucky duck) so bring some gum and drinks for older children and a bottle or pacifier for babies. Be sure to ask the attendants for beverages before the plane begins its descent.
  • Also, after landing, it may be easiest to wait for other passengers to de-plane before you start to gather your belongings and children. If you’ve gate checked a stroller, it won’t be immediately available anyways, so take the time to wait and avoid the crush of exiting passengers. Bonus – your kids can take a peek into the cockpit as you leave the plane at your own pace.

    Wishing you and your families safe travels this holiday season!

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