Moustache-November – Raising awareness with Swimco and SAXX

Gentlemen everywhere are getting ready to grow that ‘stache this November in support of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, and I for one can’t wait to start raising awareness with our charitable partnership with SAXX Underwear.

Swimco has had a relationship with SAXX ever since I heard from friends in the sports industry how comfortable SAXX underwear was. I tried some and they felt absolutely luxurious. Bonus – the sport styles (Pro Elite, Kinetic, and Quest) worked great for under boardshorts. Wearing a pair of these beauties eliminated any après surf tenderness and made for way better holidays. It just makes sense to ‘invest’ in comfort for your most delicate areas. All of our stores now carry a full range of SAXX products.

For ‘moustache November’, we want to involve ourselves with a cause that aligns with our values. We love the SAXX product and their limited edition moustache band underwear is magnifico! SAXX and Swimco are each donating $2 from each sale of the ‘Stache print Vibe Boxers to prostate cancer research, which has resulted in incredible improvements in treatment options during the last few years.

I personally connect with this charity as I am one of the guys who benefitted from the research. I was told in January of this year that I had a serious case of prostate cancer and was completely shell-shocked. I am 51 years old, healthy, and this was not supposed to happen to (what I consider) a relatively young guy. Meeting with many excellent doctors and evaluating treatment options with my patient and intelligent wife Nicole, I had surgery to remove my prostate, several follow up tests, and now can happily say I am 100% cancer-free.

Since my operation in February I have been fortunate to share my experiences with friends and associates. The biopsy of my prostate revealed it was 70% cancerous, and my surgeon said it was quite possible I would have faced a much more serious battle had we not detected it when we did. I’d like to think there has been a mini-boom in guys asking for check-ups in Vancouver as a direct result of my sharing and I strongly suggest all guys learn about it sooner rather than later. Visit Prostate Cancer Canada’s website for more info.

As I write this post, I am sitting in the shade following an awesome 3 hour morning surf session while my 19 month old daughter Samantha naps. She likes the scruffiness of my 4 day beard and I am contemplating keeping a few remnants for Movember….only time will tell.

Life is good, surf often, enjoy your family, and get regular check-ups so you can repeat these things well into your old age.

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