Get The Most From Your Cruise! Tips from our experts

Whether you’re a seasoned seafarer or a nautical newbie, we’ve got cruising tips from our Swimco Fit Expert team you won’t want to miss!

Before boarding:

  • Choose a cruise line that suits you! Certain lines are aimed at a party crowd, while a Disney cruise is sure to be packed with kids. Try our quick quiz to see Which cruiser are you?.
  • If you’re flexible, find out how close to the cruise departure date a traveler can cancel their reservation without a penalty, usually 2-3 months. You may score last minute deals or get discounted cabin upgrades if you have already booked.
  • Booking excursions ahead can be cheaper and less confusing than on the ship.
  • An E-reader or tablet loaded with books and magazines is much better than bulky hardcovers. Plus, for you traditionalists, nearly all cruise lines have onboard libraries.
  • Most lines allow some non-alcoholic drinks onboard, so save money by packing bottled water or soda.
  • Pack smart with our Cruise packing checklist.

  • At sea:

  • On embarkation day, everyone heads to the buffet for lunch and waits for their cabins to open, but usually there are alternative venues open for a calmer first meal.
  • In the main dining room you are not limited to one of each course, and may be able to order appetizer-sized portions of entrees. Use this chance to try new tastes.
  • Feeling seasick? Grab green apples! Crew members swear by this remedy.
  • On port days come back to the boat to eat, saving money and avoiding crowded restaurants.
  • Onboard spas often offer discounts for port-day treatments, and usually you can use their shower or steam room even if you don’t get a treatment.
  • Don’t wear hairspray! Sea salt in the air sticks to it like glue, leaving a white residue.

  • Experts’ secrets:

  • Bring magnets to keep your reservations and daily planners hung on the metal walls of your cabin.
  • Some cruisers will leave unused drink cards or coupons in their stateroom bibles! Flip through yours to see if there is a surprise waiting.
  • Find a favourite spot on the ship. It acts as a meeting place and the staff in the area can get to know you. Bonus – your best memories of the cruise will often come from that ‘special’ space that was your own!
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