How to choose Lycra or chlorine-resistant polyester fitness swimwear

Make the most of your water workouts by choosing the right fabric. There are two fabrics in fitness swimwear: Lycra blends and chlorine resistant 100% polyester. Both are excellent for pool workouts. To find out which one is best suited for you, read on!

Lycra Blends
Lycra is a stretchy fabric which gives a comfortable fit that conforms to your body for a ‘second skin’ feeling. If used for prolonged periods in the pool, Lycra fabric can deteriorate when exposed to chlorine. Also, because it is made with elastic material, Lycra swimsuits can lose their shape over time with movement and wear. Lycra is sometimes treated to last longer in the pool, so look for Xtra Life Lycra for swimwear that keeps it shape and colour 5-10x longer.
Lycra is a great if you are a casual swimmer, getting to the pool a couple times per month. If you love to go the pool on a regular basis, Lycra works when you keep your swimwear choice fresh and new, or if you rotate between a few swimsuits.

Chlorine Resistant 100% Polyester
Polyester is a durable material, even when exposed to pool chemicals, which is what makes it ‘chlorine-resistant’. Swimwear made with polyester has a consistent fit when worn frequently because the fabric resists sagging. Polyester is also quick drying, so it is a popular choice for athletic wear.
Swimwear made with 100% polyester fabric is great for swimmers who are frequently in the water, and if you stay in for extended periods of time. These swimsuits are perfect for water aerobics and aqua fit classes.

Which one should I choose?
It really does depend on your personal preference and what level of usage you intend for your swimwear. Many people have one of each kind so they can enjoy the benefits of both. Be sure to keep in mind that no matter what your swimsuit is made from, it needs to be cared for by hand washing in cold water. We recommend using a swimwear cleaner that is specifically designed to handle pool chemicals.

No matter which swimsuit you choose, the most important thing is to have fun in the water. Fitness Feels Good!



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  • Robert Lam

    Is 100% polyester swimwear good to use in steam room

  • Robert Lam

    Like a 100% polyester swim brief good to use steam room

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