Take care of your jewels

Take care of your jewels, that’s what I always say. And yes, I mean your manly jewels!

As a guy, a surfer and the Men’s Buyer for Swimco, I can honestly say that SAXX undergarments are some of the best new products that we’ve added to our men’s collection in years. Although the heart of our men’s selection is and always will be swimwear, the icing on top, (or the secret lining down below!) is SAXX.

SAXX is underwear. But SAXX is so much more. The revolutionary innovation of Saxx are the patented mesh panels in every pair. This comfort pouch keeps everything in place, preventing unwanted friction and movement to reduce chafe and allow contact-free support. This ergonomic pouch for your jewels is a lifesaver on its own. Pair that with the softest, most comfortable quick drying fabrics available and they do more than save your life, they allow you to live in a state of personal luxury. You will love them as underwear, and if you buy the lighter, quick-drying fabric styles, you will love them under your boardshorts too. I can personally tell you that even the most seasoned surfers run into problems down below if they are not careful to prevent chaffing. We offer you many styles, all suited for everyday use and several styles that double as lifesavers for those of us that live life in or around the water.

Some of my favorite styles include the Poly Pro Elite, Quest, and Kinetic. These light weight quick drying styles are great in and out of the water plus great for working out in the gym, putting comfort and support where it counts. A friend of mine (mother of three teen-aged boys)recently told me , “Thanks a lot for introducing us to SAXX!, Now, my husband and my sons won’t wear anything but SAXX.” I say, they have been spoiled and saved. The basics behind it are that SAXX support you. They are comfortable, breathable, move with your body, and make you feel like you’re wearing practically nothing! Oh man they feel good.

Take care of your jewels.





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