Pool Fitness For Everyone – Getting Started

Thinking about a new workout regimen? Maybe you’ve never considered the pool as a place to get your fitness fix, but we are here to tell you that pool workouts are dynamic, low-impact and, most of all, fun! Grab your swim cap and get ready to dive in, here is our guide to beginning your aquatic exercise adventure.

For someone who is new to fitness swimming you’ll need a swimsuit that will last through hours in the pool and will be comfortable so you are free to move through the water. Look for bathing suits that are designed for durability. Be sure to protect your swimsuit’s fit and colour with a proper clean after each pool session. A good swimwear cleaner will neutralize chlorine and keep your favourite TYR, Nike, Soleil Swim or Speedo looking fresh.

When deciding on which pool workout to try, you really can’t go wrong. Aquatic fitness is a great way to tone muscle thanks to the water resistance. This style of fitness class is great for a whole-body workout and you can start off in shallow water then work your way into the deep end as you progress. A Beachwalker swim shoe works well for aqua aerobic classes as they prevent your feet from rubbing on the pool floor, give traction for water jogging and grip on the slippery pool deck. Whatever your level of fitness, you can get a serious workout in water aerobics without aggravating injuries or putting too much pressure on joints, which makes it one of our favourite ways to exercise.

Another fitness option is lane swimming. If you’re comfortable with your swimming ability, take the plunge! Most pools offer beginner, intermediate and advanced lane swims, so choose the one that is right for you. One necessity for lane swimming is no-leak goggles. Make sure to get the right fit. Everyone has a different face shape and all goggles fit differently. Be sure to have a Swimco Fit Expert help you with a complimentary goggle fitting inside any Swimco store. You can choose between an gasket or mask style for your swim. To top things off, stay streamlined during laps with a silicone cap. These caps are designed for longevity and have a comfortable fit.

Lastly, after your swim, shower off with shampoo and soaps that neutralize the effects of chemicals from the pool. If you’re planning to hit the pool on a regular basis, the chlorine, salt water and other irritants can dry or damage your skin and hair, so we always recommend a quick wash when you finish at the pool.
Below are some of our top-picks for starting your pool routine. Hopefully you feel inspired to make a splash at your next swim workout!

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