Working Out While Away

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    Working Out Away From Home

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    Working Out Away From Home

Away from home for a while? Don’t let that stop you from working out and feeling good!

Working Out Anywhere…

My absolute favorite place to train is my gym but depending on the time of year, and my schedule, I can be away from home for days or even weeks at a time. This means creativity and understanding of what can be done with limited resources.

We Move in Many Ways…

We move in so many different ways, we squat, bend, lunge, press and we pull things. Fundamentally it is these movements that should be included in most training programs.

When we apply stress to our system it changes in a good way. When we work out, we are stressing our bodies and making positive changes to our brain, hormones, and metabolism. This is how we improve our muscle tone, fitness levels, and our overall health.

Sean’s program suggestion:

Monday and Thursday

Find a place to run or fast-walk: the beach, a boardwalk, maybe a trail nearby. Begin by warming up with an easy 10-15 minute run or walk then…

1. Pick a starting point, maybe an object along the way, a palm tree, a lifeguard tower, or anything really.

2. Run or walk as far and as fast as you can in 10 minutes and note your end point. Walk around to recover for 5 minutes, catch your breath and have a quick sip of water.

3. Now comes the tough part, turn back around and see whether or not you are able to make it back to the start point in the same 10 minute time period.

4. Cool-down, stretch, and enjoy the feeling of hitting a great workout while away from home.

Tuesday and Friday

It can be difficult to find a gym while on vacation or travelling. By focusing on bodyweight exercises and performing them in a “density set” you can still get a great workout in just a short amount of time.

Part A: 10 minutes For As Many Sets As Possible:

5 Push-Ups
10 Squats
15 Sit-Ups
(Repeat the 3 exercises for as many sets as you can in the 10-minute time frame, then rest 3 minutes before moving on to Part B.

Part B: 10 minutes For As Many Sets As Possible:

5 Push-Ups
10 Walking Lunges
15 Sit-Ups

Remember: be sure to warm-up prior to the workout. If you are short on time or new to working out, you can always reduce the amount of time in each density set and progress from there.

Training Everywhere and Anywhere…

Armed with some basic knowledge, a little creativity, and some hard work you can still get an amazing workout no matter where you are!

Photo credit to: Healthy Lyving


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