Behind the Scenes at Swimco’s Photoshoot for ‘14

Authentic Mexico. That’s the best way for you to begin to envision what it was like at our big photoshoot this year. We have been doing a lot of photoshoots lately, but none are quite like this one.

We flew models, a photographer, hair and make-up and a ton of support people (one was me), into Ixtapa and then traveled north for an hour to a remote and amazing location known for it’s surf, kind people, stunningly pristine and untouched tropical beauty and definitely the best guacamole I have ever eaten. Models came from Calgary, Toronto and New York.

From big cities, to the smallest, most wonderfully remote Mexican beach town around. We worked hard. We enjoyed everything authentic. The ocean water was soft and super warm. It was so humid, my papers were damp. We learned enough Spanish to politely ask if we could shoot on many of the local beach front areas. We met Sir Vincent Hernandez, the 3 foot iguana, who lives in the shaded rocks beside the pool. We ate real fruit popsicles from the local ice cream man who drives from town to town in his really old, and super authentic VW bug. And we loved it all.

You will feel the warmth and richness in the photos we snapped, which will be rolled out all winter long.

An authentic Mexican adventure. Thank you Swimco!

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