Welcoming Fall Routine

ALTHOUGH I AM ALWAYS SAD TO SEE SUMMER COME TO A CLOSE I welcome the routine of a bit more of a schedule. I enjoyed a summer full of travel including our annual trip to the Miami swimwear show and much time spent at our Windermere lake home with family and friends.

While at the lake I endeavour to keep up my swimming by either going to the pools at Fairmont Hot Springs, or once the water is warm enough, swimming from pier to pier in the lake. There is nothing more energizing than an early morning swim in the cool lake water. The water is calm, the air is quiet and the sun is warm on my back. Wonderful! But now, as fall starts to arrive, lake swims are only a summer memory and it’s time to head back to the pool.

I look forward to rejoining my swimming buddies at the Glenmore Pool in Calgary. Our coach, Sharon, posts challenging workouts which are far more strenuous than what I would do on my own. I also really like the workouts posted on the swim4fitness website. (http://www.swim4fitness.com/) And back to the pool would not be complete without a new swimsuit and cap. I love the new prints and the fun caps. I also added a pair of fins to my swim bag which really enhance the aerobic challenge of a workout (they don’t make it easier!).

Fall is a great time to try something new. If you don’t already swim, consider taking this up or some form of aquatic fitness exercise class. Classes are plentiful and inexpensive and you will marvel at how wonderful you feel after your workout. Go ahead…take the plunge!


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