How to Stay in Shape in Style

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How to Stay in Shape in Style!

Times are changing and the fitness world is no different. In fact, it is changing at such a rapid pace it can be hard to stay up to date.

Gone are the days of indoor, equipment-based workout routines, where people leave their office chair just to sit down on machines at the gym and perform a series of sets in a circuit.

People are figuring out that we have to move and sweat in many different ways that a piece of equipment just can’t provide. We need to move our body the way it was designed to move.

The new physical culture that is forming has a definitive style and flavor. Buzzwords including: functional, core, movement, and higher intensity have taken the place of aerobics and bodybuilding of the 80’s and 90’s. People are learning how to challenge themselves in a variety of ways that involve bodyweight movements, basic barbell exercises, kettlebells, and much, much more!

The beauty of this is that there are literally no more excuses. Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, whatever time it is, you can easily get your workout in.

They Are Listening!

Just as exercise methods have changed, so have what we choose to wear. Great companies are listening to this new audience and are offering stylish, technical, and practical workout wear. Items that can literally take you from your workout to the beach, and dry quickly enough to grab a bite with friends on the patio, and enjoy the last bit of sun the day has to offer.

My Top 3 and Why:

Choosing a pair of workout shorts can be a bit of a challenge, so here are my top 3 choices, and why they made the list:

1. Hurley “Dry Out” Hybrid Dri-FIT Shorts

These are the ultimate in workout-to-casual wear. This golf-style short with a stretch fabric and Nike’s signature Dri-Fit fabric is second to none. So versatile – golf course, workout, beach, and pool all in one – they are awesome for a vacation, where packing light is a plus. Literally, every guys dream short and my top choice!

2. Billabong Habits Boardshort

Boardshorts are THE new workout short, and these are the best of the bunch. With no inner lining, quad stretch, and a 19’’ inseam, these are perfect to get into any challenging position your workout calls for.

3. Hurley Phantom Block Party Boardshort

A 60% stretch, no inner lining, no inseam, and EZ fly closure ensure the ultimate in comfort. When working out in the hot sun with your next plans being a quick dip in the ocean, these are my go-to!

No excuses…

As you can see, with changing fitness trends, new apparel, and no excuses, you can go out and get your workout in anytime, anywhere, with style!

Styles vary by location.