How To Look Like A Beach Babe

Photo by Robert Weatherbee, Hair & Makeup by Maddpretty


Going to the beach wearing full hair and makeup is not cool unless you are Pamela Anderson. The beach is a place where you want to downplay your makeup, use waterproof & SPF formulas and choose natural colors. Overuse of makeup will only make you look ridiculous and have tourists talking about how much time it must have taken you to get ready to put your swimsuit on. That said, most women “feel” and look better with some minimal beauty products. Whatever it takes for you to strut that swimsuit in the best possible way, here are our suggestions:

How to achieve Kate Hudson’s beachy look:

*Use Moisture Enriched Products in the shower. Most people have some natural wave to their hair; it is ideal to use a shampoo designed to enhance curl. We use Big Sexy’s Curl Defining Shampoo. Use a deep conditioner and leave it on your hair for at least 15 minutes.
*Scrunch & Twist your hair as it is air-drying. Use a sea salt spray like, Big Sexy’s Soy Renewal Beach Spray to activate curl; add moisture with argan oil and create an undone texture. Part your hair in the direction that you would like your hair to flow while it is wet and squeeze with cotton t-shirt to prevent frizz. Twirl your finger into your hair creating a twist, twisting away from the face. If you have dry ends use a wax stick on your fingers as you twist small sections of your hair. We like bedhead’s Wax Stick; the wax helps to separate, smooth and add shine. Avoid finishing with hairspray as you want the hair to feel very soft and not look too finished.
*Tip your head over and shake your head. Use your hands to fluff up the roots to create more volume if you desire, do this while your head is upside down.
*If you need more wave use a curling wand or wrap your hair around a small barrel curling iron. Remember less is more for this look! Finish with Big Sexy’s Weather Proof Spray to lock out humidity & promise to keep your hairstyle intact.


*Choose natural colors that reflect light. You are banned from using your favorite wine lipstick. Think of nature to create a natural effect: Sandy beige, peachy beachy coral, sunkissed bronze, almost nude. Try to think of how the color makes you feel before you pick it for the beach. Does it look natural or disco?
*Bronzed; Fake it before you make it. Use a bronzer to give your face & upper body an instant tanned effect. We recommend Maddpretty Bangin Bronzer in California tan.
*Remove unsightly tan lines with your bronzer. Tan lines can be diminished with a stroke of a brush by using bronzer and a brush on the area of the skin that appears lighter. If your lines were from a swimsuit with small/thin straps then use a small eyeshadow brush inside the lines. If you were wearing a scoop neck and you were left with a nice tan but in the shape of a circle just use the bronzer with a large powder brush starting at the place where the tan ends.
*A soft peachy pink for your cheeks is the perfect color for most every skin tone. Blush in a soft color will make you appear healthier. Using a blush that has some shimmer would help give you a soft sunkissed glow. We recommend Maddpretty Beautiful Blush in Popularity Contest (sunkissed frost) or Facebook Friend (pinky coral).
*Be prepared to dive in; Use waterproof eyeshadow & mascara. Maddpretty Waterproof Creme Shadow in Peachy or Golden.
*Use a foundation that contains an SPF & apply a higher SPF on top. We recommend Maddpretty Magic Stixx SPF 18 because they can be easily layered with a stronger sunscreen without disrupting your beautiful flawless skin.
*Remember that sunscreen is only effective for 2 hrs so apply it liberally & frequently.
* Finish with a golden gloss. Maddpretty gloss in Champagne will add the perfect amount of pop.

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