Top 10 Packing Rules

Weekend getaway? A cruise? A few weeks at your favorite beach? No matter, follow these steps to get you & your stuff where you’re going.

Packing Rule #1 For attire, versatility is boss. If you can’t wear it on more than one occasion, don’t bring it.
Packing Rule #2 No matter the reason for your trip, it’s always a good idea to lay out your outfits before you start to fill your suitcase and decide what you’ll need & what you’ll wear with what. Remember the versatility rule, choose items you can wear with variety.
Packing Rule #3 Fold your clothes the retail way (or some people prefer to roll them)- this makes everything the same size so you get neat stacks.
Packing Rule #4 Avoid bulky clothing or items that take up a lot of room.
Packing Rule #5 Get yourself a double sided, zippered cosmetic travel bag that meets your needs. Always have it stocked with travel sizes of your facial routine, a small assortment of Q-tips, cotton balls, bobby pins, lip balm, etc. Restock when you’re unpacking and you’ll never have to worry about it.
Packing Rule #6 Take some time to check that all caps, lids, flip-tops are all securely closed, tightened or snapped shut. If it doesn’t snap or close tightly, you may have a mess to deal with.
Packing Rule #7 Use the pockets of your suitcase for things which don’t lie flat: swimsuits, crushable hats, underwear, bras, hairbrush, footwear and socks.
Packing Rule #8 Pack shoes last, sole up & wear your biggest shoes on the plane – you’ll save space in your luggage.
Packing Rule #9 Making the most of your carry-on. No one plans to lose their luggage but it can and does happen. Your carry-on is for the stuff you need until your luggage arrives: your swimsuit, electronic devices (cords & chargers too), any reading material or paperwork you may need for your trip, prescription medication, and if you wear contact lenses, keep your glasses & lens case in your carry-on.
Packing Rule #10 If you’re going to Europe or other spots abroad, remember you may need an electrical adapter.

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