When in Rome …..

I recently returned from Zanzibar, Tanzania. It was a new and exciting experience to travel to Africa. My husband Dave had a desire to climb Kilimanjaro (which I did not) so I joined him there to go on a safari and then onto a 4 day beachside vacation at the Blue Bay Hotel.

Dave and I have been to a lot of the usual hot weather destinations that Canadians usually travel to. Zanzibar, which lies just off the coast of Tanzania, is a popular destination for Europeans, not so much for those of us from North America (it’s a long way to go!).

Hitting the beach was an interesting experience. I always love to see what people are wearing and often play the “name that swimsuit brand” game with myself. I instantly found myself to be overdressed in my tankini. There were a few women wearing one pieces but 95% of the women were wearing 2 pieces, regardless of size or age. I loved it! No one seemed concerned about body image or trying to cover up much of anything (sometimes you wished!). Even the men were liberated enough to wear brief briefs.

Wishing I had a two piece to wear (after all no one knew me there!) the popular saying “when in Rome….” came to mind. And the other lesson learned is to just enjoy yourself, don’t be so hung up on what I think other people think I should wear. Just revel in the fact that you can feel the warmth of the sun, the sand between your toes and your only worry is what’s for lunch!

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  • Mary

    while in Cuba I saw women my age ( 60 ) & much older in their 70’s into their late 80’s in bikini’s , least to say I was stunned. late into the evening of the second day I wished that bikini was on me. going again 2014 AND that little scrap of material will be on me. Breeze’s superclub here I come in style ( no black or full suited ) for this gal . It will be Swimco all the way.

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