Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself!

We often receive requests from writers for either information or pictures to be included in their newspaper articles on swimwear. One such writer has captured the essence of our industry and the conundrum of trying on and wearing swimwear to a “tee”. Shelley Fralic, Columnist for the Vancouver Sun, recently published this story. I loved it so much that I wanted to pass it along to those of you that hadn’t already seen it. Well done Shelley and thank you for sharing the humour……couldn’t have said it better myself!!

Please click here to view the article.

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  • Sheryl

    PLEASE…PLEASE…make MORE Modest Chlorine Resistant MASTECTOMY
    bathing suits…!!
    Have been to your store dozens and dozens of times asking for one piece
    suits with a lower cut leg,
    I swim Every day.. and need something that will Last more than a few weeks.

    If you had something like this I would purchse half a dozen at a time.

Styles vary by location.