The “10 Lbs in 10 Seconds” Miracle!

If looking 10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds sounds appealing, this one’s for you. Miraclesuit, one of Swimco’s most popular swimwear brands, has become famous for its tagline “Look 10 Lbs Lighter in 10 Seconds”. Halloween candies be damned, I’ve been saved by a Miracle!

Body-shaping swimwear technology is not new. Manufacturers have worked hard to design swimsuits that hide or hoist all the right body parts. The designers at Miraclesuit, however, have probably made the best name for themselves in this genre of swimwear. What is their formula for “10 Lbs Lighter”? Miraclesuit’s patented fabric, Miratex®, has an incredibly high concentration of Lycra spandex, giving you three times the built-in control as a regular swimsuit. Enough said!

Recently a friend asked me if she could shed 20 lbs by doubling up and wearing two Miraclesuits at once. Interesting question, but I don’t imagine all that comfy a solution. If you have yet to try on a Miraclesuit, I encourage you to do so. And if you’re already a fan, come by and try on our new 2012 arrivals. It’s never too early to find your Miracle!

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