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Every week I receive an envelope of comment cards collected from customers in our stores. We distribute the feedback to everyone in our company, to celebrate the things we are doing well and identify areas for improvement.

I am sharing the below story because it is a perfect illustration of what we are trying to do with Swimco. We realize that our customers often dread coming to visit us because they don’t want to see themselves in a swimsuit (although we try to not take it personally!). This story is a testament to the fact that you can’t let the dread of trying on swimwear deter you from getting properly outfitted for your upcoming vacation. Swimwear shopping can be much easier than you think.

If you’re planning a warm-weather vacation, come have some fun with us and let us take care of you before the real fun begins in the tropical sunshine! And if you’ve already been in to see our Fit Experts, please share your story at

Eagerly awaiting my next envelope of comment cards…

Submitted by K.L. on October 25, 2011:

A couple of weeks ago I quickly popped into the Swimco at Cross Iron Mills and asked Sarah a few questions regarding suits.  She was very helpful so I told her that I would be back someday when I had more time. 

Well… today was that day.  When I arrived Sarah was busy, but Jen quickly approached me and offered her help. She approached me with a big smile and was very welcoming.  She was very knowledgeable about the stock she carried and new exactly what I would like for my needs.  She loaded me up and showed me to the change room.  I was so impressed on how hard she worked, not just for me, but all the other customers that she was waiting on also.  I never had to wait for her, even though I told her not to run!!!  She did things in a very timely manner and was right back waiting to see the next bathing suit I tried on.  She was very helpful in sizing and adjusting also.  She also has a great way of making people feel comfortable, in what could be, a very uncomfortable time. 

I had such a good time in Swimco today and just had to write in and give Jen kudos for a job well done.  I just wanted to say that I had never had this kind of experience buying a bathing suit EVER. 

You are very lucky to have Jen, (and Sarah too) working at your store in Cross Iron.  They always had a smile and were so helpful.  I thank you again for all your help today and will definitely tell everyone I know all about the great experience and helpfulness at Swimco!!


NOTE: Names in testimonial have been changed to protect the privacy of Swimco’s Fit Experts.

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  • Marina

    i like my guy friend and soon we are going to be together as a girlfriend and boyfriend summer is coming and i really want to look nice and feel sexy

  • Marina

    i dont know what swimming suit to wear because i am scared and nearvous to show who i am….help me please

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