2012 Swimwear Collections Embrace Feminine Curves

Swimco just kicked off our 2012 swimwear season, with our annual fashion show for Fit Experts in Calgary and Vancouver. The “oohs” and “aahs” were plentiful as we took in the many new brands, styles, and colors for the upcoming year. The expanded selection of retro styles was a hit on the runway, and also the inspiration for our press release shown below.

Vancouver, B.C. – Kim Kardashian can put her stamp of approval on the 2012 Cruise swimwear collection at Swimco. The Western Canadian swimwear retailer is excited to unveil their line-up of curve-friendly retro styles, from international swimwear designers including Seafolly Australia. As a sign of where swimwear trends are headed, Seafolly brought Sarah Stephens, a natural D-cup model, onboard as a cover girl for their 2012 campaign.

“Retro styles leave more to the imagination than your standard bikini or high-cut 1-piece”, says Swimco’s President Lori Bacon. “This season’s will be one of the most flattering collections I’ve seen in my 30 years of buying swimwear”.

High-waists, skirted bottoms, bustier tops and thick-strapped halters are reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe era beach attire. Says Bacon: “The retro swimwear trend is unique in that it appeals to multiple generations of women. It has the runway appeal that our trendy shopper craves, plus the extra coverage that our contemporary customer appreciates.

Good bust support is common in retro style tops, which are often constructed to accommodate up to a double D-cup. Retro 1-pieces have gathered fabric in the midsection to act as a tummy tamer, and skirted retro bottoms are an easy hip slimmer. “It’s encouraging to see swimwear designers celebrating a woman’s curves by offering beautiful styles that will make her look and feel her best on the beach”, says Bacon.

More swimwear trends to watch for in 2012:

  • Sophisticated, rich tones of Indigo and Navy
  • Fun floral prints in every size and colour
  • Funky safari prints that will appeal to all ages (think “chocolate zebra”)

More retro style images available at http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/swimco-2012-swimwear-collections-embrace-feminine-curves-1574015.htm

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Styles vary by location.