The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

“Back To School” has become an official season in our world, as highlighted in Staples’ famous The Most Wonderful Time of the Year campaign. Though I no longer have to buy duo tangs, fancy colored pens and text books (or make lunches and harass children about homework), I am conscious of the changing season. For me “Back to School” means “Back to the Pool”!

Although I enjoyed many wonderful swims in the lake this summer, nothing quite compares to my conditioning swim sessions at Calgary’s Glenmore Aquatic Centre. I trade my meandering swims in the lake (no lane lines!) for a posted workout and a coach that keeps us “on the clock”.

Many in our workout group swam competitively as kids and/or are currently training for triathlons. Others have simply discovered the joy of swimming, the camaraderie of a (gasping) group, and the benefits of having a coach challenge you to perfect that butterfly stroke.

When I don my suit, cap, and goggles, I am taken back in time to my childhood years as a swimmer. In fact, as soon as I walk through the door and smell the familiar aroma of chlorine, I somehow become the same person I was over 40 years ago. Swimming makes me feel youthful. I can’t hear my knees clicking, but I can feel my muscles working. I’m challenged and breathing hard. Age no longer matters (a larger style of goggle can cover facial lines!), and we all become just a bunch of 9-year-olds swimming our hearts out for our coach.

If you haven’t done so already, take the plunge into your local pool. Learn the basics with private swim lessons, or if you can swim a couple lengths, you too can join a conditioning swim group. The great thing about swimming is that everyone can learn to do it, and there is no expiry date. You can swim until the day you “cash in”. At least that’s what I’ll be doing.

Hoping to see you in the water,

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