A Bikini at Any Age?

This month we are celebrating the idea that women of any age can wear a bikini. “Arggg”, you say. And yes, I know what you mean. My girlfriends are 50’ish. They are youthful, they exercise, and they take good care of themselves. There is no reason they shouldn’t bare a bit more skin on the beach. However, when they share their intention of “doing the dirty deed” (trying on swimwear!) with me before they visit one of our stores, 9 times out of 10 they insist “I’m too old for a bikini.”

We’ve just released a feature called “Swimco and Seafolly Present: A Bikini at Any Age”. Five women aged 23-61 are featured looking and feeling great in a Seafolly bikini. Together with Seafolly (founded in Australia, where women are much more liberal at the beach), we’re promoting the fact that women are beautiful at every age.

Feeling confident in a bikini is about finding a style you feel comfortable in, and for those who think bikinis are all string and no fabric, I’ve got good news! Seafolly has mix and match styles in a full range of coverage and support (we even have a DD/E cup bikini top). Check out our “Bikini at Any Age” photos to see what I mean: https://www.swimco.com/the-swimco-experience/bikini-at-any-age/

So go for it ladies! Show off that bod of yours and have some fun. Find a bikini style that suits your body type and lifestyle. And as for me, I may just “go for it” too and add a bikini to my collection of tankinis and one-pieces…

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Styles vary by location.