Bears & Bike Rides in Beautiful B.C.

Despite a slow start to the season, Summer has finally arrived, and I have vowed to make the most of it. I was recently invited on a bike ride with our neighbors from Windermere Lake. One of them owns a ranch near several lakes and countless kilometers of mountain biking terrain. The day was sunny and a perfect temperature. We packed lunches and refreshments, and set off on our excursion.

We were on the lookout for bears, as a mommy bear and her three cubs had been seen in the area. Our fearless leader had brought several bear bangers (a projectile device that flares and makes a sharp bang sound, presumably to frighten the bear away) and some bear spray (which he assured us was just the last line of defense, for the slowest person in the group), so I wasn’t worried. Okay, maybe I was a little nervous.

We had a grand old time riding the back roads and trails. When we reached their small cabin and lake, the sight took my breath away. Tucked within the hills was this indescribable, pristine setting. The lake was man-made in the early 1920’s, to be used as an irrigation source. It’s still in use today, capturing the mountainside runoff. The water is clear, clean, and deep. What an amazing experience it would be to swim that lake, in such a beautiful setting!

Instead of swimming (no suit!), we tucked into our well-earned lunches and imbibed in some delicious chilled wine from the Tinhorn Creek winery in Oliver, B.C. To be there on such a beautiful day, enjoying delicious wine and food with friends is what Summertime is all about. Incredible sights, sounds, and adventures to be remembered and treasured.

FYI, we did run across a black bear, and did use the bear bangers (to no avail!), but thankfully did not use the bear spray. We simply turned around and went another route. During our 6-hour trip, we only rode for two hours (thanks to a handy biking app) and spent the rest of the time chatting, drinking and eating. What a great day!

Wishing you many safe and happy Summer adventures,

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