New York, New York…

Swimco’s Buying Team recently flew to New York for four days of appointments with the world’s top swimwear designers and manufacturers. Our days were filled with meetings, and our nights with dinners, a Broadway show, and nocturnal explorations of the Big Apple. We learned the importance of sacrificing footwear fashion in the name of survival, as we ran from meeting to meeting in 40-degree Celsius temps. And we learned how to expertly hail a taxi in New York style.

All was going according to plan until it was time to go home. It started with our prearranged driver taking us to the wrong airport (JFK). However, as an expert New York driver, he turned around and got us to Newark in record speeds, instead of pitching us out at the side of the road. Thankful to be in one piece, we carried on to our gate. Then we got the news you never want to hear…”flight cancelled due to mechanical issues”.

Miraculously we were able to book a flight for the following morning out of LaGuardia. You can imagine our disappointment when we arrived at 5am to find that our plans had been waylaid by yet another cancellation! It was at this time that we started looking for the cameras that were undoubtedly filming this episode of The Amazing Race. The amazing thing was how quickly we were going nowhere!

I’ve come to realize that the old saying “be careful what you wish for” is very true. On our initial trip to the airport I was lamenting that I had spent five days in New York without shopping. A crime, to be sure. Low and behold, I got my wish. 24 additional hours in New York… to shop.

Days later, we made it home. A big plane came and picked us up. Now the trip is just a distant memory of a chaotic race. But, as promised, here’s your inside info on upcoming 2012 swimwear trends, straight from the showrooms in New York City:

  • I hope you have a wild side because we saw animal prints in every color and style imaginable.
  • Many designers are using metallic hardware pieces on their swimwear, for a more sophisticated look.
  • Prints with white backgrounds continue to gain momentum, as do ruffles.
  • Retro styles are starting to gain traction. I expect that when we see all collections in Miami next month, this will be one of the major trends for 2012.
  • There’s an increased number of swim dresses being offered for women of all ages and sizes. The swim dress is merging with the sundress, creating a new version that should be looked at with fresh eyes.
  • We were very pleased to see younger prints being offered to all women, which is something we’ve been asking for from our suppliers for a long time. Yay!
  • We are still searching for more low-back one-pieces. Although we found a few, this style is still on our shopping list for the Miami Swim Show. Any suppliers with sexy one-pieces in their line, please call me!

Sorry about the long adventure blog, but it helped me pass the time while I waited for someone to take me home!

Ps. I’ve posted a full album of the new swimwear collections we saw in New York at Let me know what catches your eye.

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Styles vary by location.