“Oh woe is me, I have to go to Aruba!”

Last week I attended the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) annual conference in Vancouver, BC. The event was held over three days at the beautiful Westin Bayshore. 650 women Presidents of companies from around the world, all in one place! You can only imagine the energy and noise level as women rekindled acquaintances, saw old friends, and met new ones. It felt like a huge beehive, buzzing loudly to the point of vibration. Amazing.

I had many occasions to introduce myself and to explain “what I do”. Some were intrigued that we have the need for swimwear stores in Canada (with our Arctic-like climate), and told me how much they hate shopping for swimwear (right up there with visits to the dentist, certain doctors, and buying jeans). One woman actually said she was dreading an upcoming trip to Aruba that her husband had won through work. This woman would rather not go on an all-inclusive, free vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world than wear a swimsuit. That was really sad to me.

We women are so hard on ourselves. We deserve to give ourselves a break. No one is perfect (what is “perfect” anyway?) and we all have parts of our bodies that we’d like to change. But have you ever stopped to look at those around you on the beach? Is anyone really looking at you? No, they’re too busy figuring out how to hide under their cover-up or the strategically-placed book on their lap!

I have decided that I will never again say I own swimwear stores. From now on I will tell inquiring souls what we really do. We provide women with confidence by fitting them in swimwear that makes them look and feel their best so that they can enjoy some of the best experiences of their lives; vacations with family and friends.

Enough said, ladies. Throw caution to the wind, indulge in a great-fitting swimsuit, and hit the beach. Especially if it happens to be all-inclusive in Aruba!

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  • http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/27397 Lori-Vancouver BC

    Good story, thanks for sharing…

    If more women had enough confidence to go into a swimwear store and ask for help, they would find that there are certain suits for certain types. They are trained professionals running those stores, so come on women, ask for the help and feel better!

    • https://www.swimco.com Lori

      I agree Lori. Swimwear shopping is far less daunting when you put yourself in the “hands” of our Fit Experts. They truly love to help gals find that special suit that will make them feel great.

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