Watch Me Tackle the Topple Towers on Wipeout Canada!

For five months, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this week.  It’s finally time for me to show you (and the rest of Canada) my experience with “The Big Red Balls”.  This Sunday April 3rd, at 6pm MST on TVTROPOLIS, watch me and 23 other contestants battle an aquatic obstacle course on Wipeout Canada. One lucky competitor goes home with $50,000!

A year ago I applied for Wipeout Canada online, thinking nothing would come of it. A few weeks later, I received an invite meet the producers in Calgary. After acting like an idiot in front of a panel of producers and judges, I left feeling pretty good! I made conversation, impressed them with my energy, and managed to get a few laughs. Over a month went by before I got call from an unknown number…BOOM. I had been granted a spot on the show! But the kicker was that I had to keep it a secret. Not fun.

A couple weeks before I was flown out to Buenos Aires for a week of filming, I was finally allowed to tell everyone about my upcoming experience. It’s surreal to think that I was chosen out of 48,000 applicants to compete on one of the world’s goofiest TV shows.  From there, I experienced things I never thought possible, and still find it hard to believe it actually happened.

It’s difficult to explain just how crazy things got on the show, so make sure to see it for yourself on Sunday night. Watch me get sucker-punched, tumble around like a ragdoll, and flip onto my face, all for your amusement. Enjoy the show!

Your Man ‘Down Unda’,

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  • Lisa

    Brett!!! This is terrific! We love Wipeout in our household (especially our 4yr old) and will do our best to watch you compete! I still can’t believe you did this….. what a guy you are.

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