Beer + Yoga = The World’s Comfiest Sandal

Who would have thought beer and yoga could inspire the creation of an ultra-comfy sandal? That’s exactly what happened with Sanuk’s new Beer Cozy Sandal that incorporates the soft texture of yoga mats and beer cozies.

The Beer Cozy is the Bentley of sandals when it comes to comfort. It has a ‘Squish-Fit Footbed’ made from real yoga mat material that molds to your foot shape. A soft jersey-lined foot strap adds to the comfort, and comes in multiple colours. Lastly, a raised toebed makes for minimal ‘toe drag’ while walking, so no more wiping out when your sandal catches the ground!

With Summer around the corner (hopefully), try the new Sanuk Beer Cozy Sandal at Swimco. As for the ladies, Sanuk didn’t forget you! Check out the Yoga Spree Sandal, with the same amazing comfort as the men’s version.

So next time you’re sipping a cold one or dropping into a downward dog, think about how good it feels… and share that feeling with your feet.

Your Man ‘Down Unda’,

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Styles vary by location.