A “Launch” for Pat

Last week we hosted a series of events to celebrate the “launch” of one of our Product Buyers into “Retirement-land”, after 25 years with Swimco. We all agreed that the word “retirement” has a negative (old) connotation and that “launch” is much more appropriate, as Pat enters this exciting new phase of her life.

We held a special luncheon in Pat’s honour with our office staff, Store Managers, and others who have worked with Pat over the years. There was also a delicious surprise dinner at Muse restaurant in Calgary, with many of Pat’s friends from the swimwear industry. We talked about how lucky we are to be in a business in which such great friends can be made; both in our own company and with our suppliers.

I think the mood in our office today is as if something is missing or not quite right. At least I know I’m feeling that way. As excited as I am for Pat, it’s bittersweet, as she will be missed. After all, Pat and I shared our world for 25 years. That’s a long time!

So here I am today, still at it, pondering what I will do when I “launch”, and when that will be…

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  • Denise

    Congrats to Pat on her “launch”. I feel very lucky to have been touched by such a wonderful person. I will miss seeing her around. She did a wonderful job with bringing in such appealing product to our customers. Enjoy your “launch” Pat.

  • Sara K

    There are 4 beautiful Swimco ladies in this picture!
    All the best to Pat on your new adventure!!!!
    and Lori…. I don’t think you should ever retire because you bring a whole new outlook to the world of swimwear that can never be replaced 🙂

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