Seafolly in Sunny Sydney

Good morning! Or “good afternoon”, depending where you are. I’m at Bondi Beach on the East Coast of Australia. The forecast is for 36°C, ABOVE ZERO!  A welcome change from the -27°C my fellow Calgarians endured this week.

The purpose of the trip is to meet with our friends at the Seafolly Head Office in Sydney. Seafolly is one of our top brands, and we are thrilled to be included in the launch of their new 2012 line.

We arrived a few days before our meetings to acclimatize, adjust to the 16-hr time change, and to scour the beach and Aussie swimwear stores for emerging trends. I’m traveling with Kitty, one of our Product Buyers, and my husband Dave. We’re also spending time with our son Brett (Swimco’s “Man Down Unda” blogger), who lives in Sydney.

Yesterday we travelled downtown by ferry, and saw the city from the water. What a treat! Sydney has so many bays and waterfront areas. The homes are magnificent! We arrived in Circular Quay and made our way to the Opera House where we took in the sights, touched the famous tile roof, and delighted in the fact that Oprahs’s show had recently taken place on these very steps!

Today we’re off to Bondi Junction, a large mall that will offer more insight into the Australian swimwear scene. We’ll hit the beach as well to make sure we don’t miss anything newsworthy. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

In the meantime, stay warm. If it helps, think of us here in sunny Sydney!


Ps. Check out more pictures from our Sydney trip at

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  • Patti Barr

    Great photo you guys,sure hope you brought home some sunshine and warm temps

    • Lori

      We tried our hardest! It was so nice to shed the parka and boots for a while.

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